Captured by Love shares inspiring

true romance stories from vietnam pows

read the amazing stories of

enduring love with loved ones

far away from home for years…

Take this journey into the faithfulness,
patience, passion, excitement, and
commitment of these couples

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Experience 20 Romance Stories of Top Gun POWs

Captured by Love shares the real love stories of 20 Vietnam War POWs. Some had wives who started a movement that changed American foreign policy. Others came home and had to start over, while five single men met the loves of their lives.


Former POW Lee Ellis and love expert Greg Godek take you on a dramatic journey of faithfulness, passion, excitement, resilience, and practical love lessons from these couples.



Tony Orlando

Top-Selling Recording Artist, Songwriter, Concert Headliner, Network Television Star, Motion Picture Actor, Broadway Performer, and Author | Foreword Author for Captured by Love

“What I have cherished but didn’t anticipate is a 50-year relationship with these couples. Please enjoy these dramatic and touching stories about my friends, and I hope that you’re as inspired as I was long ago.”

Gary Sinise

Actor, Musician, Author, and Founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation | Foreword Author for Captured by Love

“Most readers will experience a few tears here, but also lots of laughter as they engage with these stories. The stunning level of pain and sacrifice that our POWs endured is mind-boggling, but the love and romance that they have experienced is even more extraordinary!”

John Gray

Relationship Counselor, Lecturer, and Author of
Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World

“The principles learned through the struggles of the war actually brought them closer together. Read this book and be inspired to strengthen your relationship, too.”

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

#1 New York Times Bestselling Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

“What a compelling book of real-life relationships born out of a torturous crucible of captivity. Each chapter lays bare an abiding commitment that is sure to inspire and fortify your own relationship.”

Dr. Ted Baehr

Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

“I was totally captivated and inspired by Captured by Love. It’s one of the best books about love, marriage and faith that I have read.”

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More Awards and Accolades:

2024 Georgia Author of the Year Awards WINNER – Inspirational Category

18th Annual Indie Excellence Awards WINNER in Marriage

2023 International Book Awards FINALIST in Cover Design, Interior Design, and Military Books

2023 Best Book Awards FINALIST in Military History

2023 Foreword Indies Book Awards FINALIST in War & Military

Meet the Authors and Couples

Nationally-recognized leadership coach, author, speaker, and former Vietnam POW, Lee Ellis, and best-selling love author, Greg Godek, come together to honor these amazing stories.

Their past media appearances include Fox News, ABC Worly News Tonight, CBS News Tonight, CNN, and C-Span.

And, we introduce the 20 couples who were generously willing to share their stories.

Lee Ellis

Award-Winning Author

Former Vietnam POW

Greg Godek

Best-Selling Author

Love Expert

The Vietnam Era

What was the history and purpose of the Vietnam War conflict? And, how did these American military pilots survive in the brutal POW camps of North Vietnam for six, seven, and even eight years while staying committed to their mission and resisting a cruel enemy?

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