“Impressive examples of resilience and an important record of sacrifice, survival, and the redemptive power of love.” – Kirkus Reviews

“What I have cherished but didn’t anticipate is a 50-year relationship with these couples. Please enjoy these dramatic and touching stories about my friends, and I hope that you’re as inspired as I was long ago.”
– Tony Orlando, Top-Selling Recording Artist, Songwriter, Concert Headliner, Network Television Star, Motion Picture Actor, Broadway Performer, and Author

“Most readers will experience a few tears here, but also lots of laughter as they engage with these stories. The stunning level of pain and sacrifice that our POWs endured is mind-boggling, but the love and romance that they have experienced is even more extraordinary!”
– Gary Sinise, Actor, Musician, and Founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation

As I’ve written in my Mars Venus books, couples that have attained a higher love are able to grow together in passion and love for a lifetime. The riveting stories in Captured by Love masterfully reveal that these couples have lived this process, and the principles that they learned through such an ordeal as the Vietnam War actually brought them closer together. Read this book and be inspired to strengthen your relationship, too.
– John Gray, Relationship Counselor, Lecturer, and Author of Beyond Mars and Venus: Relationship Skills for Today’s Complex World

“Authors Lee Ellis and Greg Godek skillfully highlight the stories of these heroic men and women with empathy and historical context. Through example, the reader gains valuable lessons on the power of love and its ability to conquer all obstacles—even those of war, torture, and solitary confinement in the Hanoi Hilton.”
– Heath Hardage Lee, Author of The League of Wives

Since I founded and publish MOVIEGUIDE®, I am always hesitant to offer to review a book, but, that said, I was totally captivated and inspired by Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs, which is one of the best books about love, marriage and faith that I have read.
– Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder and Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

“There are well over 1,000 books about the Vietnam War, but this is the only one that gathers the inspirational and sometimes heartbreaking love stories of 20 former POWs. In this book you will see that good can come out of war, and you will learn that happiness and love can arise out of the most horrifying situations. We can all learn from these stories—about love and about life.”
– LeAnn Thieman, Nurse, Author, and Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee; Founder & President of SelfCare for Healthcare, and author of This Must Be My Brother

“We love this book. It’s originality and freshness is stimulating and satisfying. Any couple reading this will be inspired to overcome all the challenges of their relationship for the amazing outcome that awaits them. We recommend it to all couples, whether challenged or not.”
– Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., Coauthors of Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples and Making Marriage Simple

“Lee Ellis and Greg Godek have woven a moving and heartwarming story that shows readers of any age how to ensure love endures. Given the separation they survived during the Vietnam era and the long-lasting marriages they fostered after being reunited, the POWs and wives featured in Captured by Love certainly know how to make love last! May we all be so lucky.”
– Alvin Townley, best-selling New York Times-reviewed Author of Defiant: The POWs Who Endured Vietnam’s Most Infamous Prison and the Women Who Fought for Them

“I am grateful for the vision in creating the Captured by Love that focuses on our amazing Vietnam POWs and their personal marital relationships. I believe readers will be moved to tears, laughter, and deep reflection, as well as gain new and fresh insight into their own personal relationships.”
– Gen Robin Rand USAF (Ret), Former Commander, Air Force Global Strike Command and Commander, Air Forces Strategic – Air, U.S. Strategic Command

“As someone who’s been blessed with a joyous marriage of 50+ years, I found myself nodding in agreement with the authors’ astute distillation of the intangible but absolute truths that form the foundation of any enduring relationship. Captured by Love is a must-read for anyone and everyone who wants to believe that love can indeed conquer all.”
– Col Merline Lovelace USAF (Ret), Award-Winning Author of more than 100 novels, Oklahoma’s Writer of the Year, and Female Veteran of the Year

“As someone who has been professionally coached by Lee Ellis, it is great to see Lee (and Greg) apply Lee’s masterful insights into the most important skill, and probably the most difficult skill, to love and support someone over the highs and lows of POW imprisonment and an entire post-war lifetime.”
– Rex Adams, CEO – EyeSouth; Former CEO Payspan and AT&T East Region; USMA 1983, Army Ranger Class 84-85

“This is an outstanding collection of love stories, all different and yet all similar. They all share the elements of love, commitment, separation and loyalty. This is a book that needed to be written, and if you like love stories (who doesn’t?) you will be captivated.”
– George E. Nolly, Doctor of Business Administration – Aviation Security, Vietnam Fighter Pilot, Retired United Airlines Captain, and Host of Ready for Takeoff Podcast

A Video Endorsement from Dr Nolly: 

“What a great lesson that I learned reading the Captured by Love book—how the POW wives courageously led at home while their men were in captivity. These leaders at home and abroad are a great reminder that behind every great leader is someone who cheers them on, believes in them and keeps them going even when it’s hard.”
– Dee Ann Turner, Author, Speaker, Leader at Dee Ann Turner & Associates

“Long an admirer of the POWs who returned as heroes, I was enthralled while reading their remarkable love stories! Future generations need to read these stories and learn of the traits that kept the hopes and dreams of these remarkable people alive and thriving during the darkest of times.”
– Gen Mike Hostage USAF (Ret), Former Commander at Air Combat Command

“This book is chock-full of great insight and wisdom for everyone. My bride and I have been married for 45 years and not only enjoyed the read but grabbed a number of nuggets that we will incorporate to help us create an even stronger marriage for the years ahead. Thanks for sharing so much goodness!”
– Arlin Sorensen, VP Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise

“The impact of being a POW and the connected emotions of isolation, fear, sadness and anxiety in the mind and spirit of both husband and wife reminds us of the power of love.”
– Janine Sijan Rozina, Founder of Lance P Sijan Foundation

“What made these people different? What strengthened them? What does their love look like? These questions and more are answered in this book. 50 years later, I am thankful to hear the stories, be encouraged, and finally know the couples who made such a difference in American history!”
– Pam Godfrey Younker, Air and Space Forces Civic Leader, Community Development Officer at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation

“I found these true romance stories inspiring and comforting to know the “other side” of their stories after surviving those years as a POW. To hear the role that the women served really reflected the many experiences by all that were affected during those times.”
– Carol Burrell, CEO at Northeast Georgia Health System

“Captured by Love provides critical lessons for joyously thriving with the lifelong commitment of marriage by turning the POW hell into a positive through the celebration of strengths and learning to be kind by forgiving the other person’s imperfections and mistakes. All of the lessons can help you with every other relationship that is worth fighting for.”
– Hugh Massie, Executive Chairman and Founder of DNA Behavior and Coauthor of Leadership Behavior DNA with Lee Ellis

“The righteousness of a couple with demonstrated integrity, combined with the peace of liberation and the joy of relational rediscovery, lead to enduring romance. In this cynical age, it’s so nourishing and encouraging to read stories of committed devotion. You’ll be uplifted!”
– Dr. Sidney A. Webb, Sharpened Focus; Leadership Coach, Conference Presenter, Pastor, Author of Nomad’s Fire: Life at the Intersection of Loss and Significance

“Every one of the 20 stories touched my heart, and I cried often reflecting on so many examples of sacrificial and enduring love. I also greatly appreciated the love lessons at the end of each couple’s story and I know that I will use these lessons and the amazing love stories to be a better husband and better coach to the clients I serve. Thank you for telling these stories!”
– Greg Hiebert , Founding Partner – leadershipForward; Author of You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have and Changing Altitude: How to Soar in Your New Leadership Role; USMA (81), 82nd Airborne, USMA Faculty

“Captured by Love is a truly astounding book that resonated with me on so many levels! As a military officer and veteran, I ached for my comrades in-arms who endured such brutal treatment as POWs. What a wonderful book about our brave warriors and the love stories about their wives and families. It brings a very different perspective to our Vietnam POWs. An absolute must-read!!!”
– Capt William “T” Thompson, Esq, CSP®, Delta Airlines Captain (Ret), USAFA (73), Former President and CEO of the Association of Graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy, Author of The Flight to Excellence

“When I read the book, I decided to share each of these stories with my wife. We have laughed, cried and most of all it has shown us that true love overcomes any and all obstacles.”
– Mike Santiago, President/CEO at Polaris Aviation Solutions, Army Helicopter Pilot – Vietnam

“Captured by Love comes to us as a gift at a perfect time. It unveils that pain can be transformed into hope. That suffering can unite. That humor is an important fuel during hard times and that, above all, not even death can stop love. Thank you, Lee and Greg, for your greatness in writing these accounts for our benefit.”
– Adriana Prates, President and Founder at Dasein Executive Search Agency in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

“There are two fronts in any war, the war front, and the home front. We hear much about the former, but Lee has helped tell the stories of the latter. These stories are powerful because they share how POW families survived on the home front not knowing what was happening on the war front.”
– Dr. James Ward, USN (Ret), Program Manager – NAVAIR Leadership Development at Naval Air Systems Command

“There is no other book like this one! The true love stories here are better than any novel! Lee masterfully weaves together the difficult histories of these incredible men and how their experiences impacted their most personal relationships. This deeply moving narrative is a must-read!”
– Mary Kelly, Commander, US Navy (Ret), Author of Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy

“Like these couples that you’ll read about in Captured by Love, having healthy marriages with a foundation of faith in God is critical to the health and vitality of our society. This fantastic book is worth its weight in gold, with unbelievably valuable life and love lessons that we can all use to better ourselves.”
– Howard Dayton, Founder and Chairman at Compass—finances God’s way

A Video endorsement from Howard Dayton:

“Lee Ellis has once again graciously shared inspirational stories – this time of how the enduring values of his fellow POWs contributed to lasting, loving marriages. This book is a gem – full of wisdom and of joy of the happy couples.”
– Susan A. McLaughlin, Managing Partner at Meraki Search

“The Vietnam War has faded in the memories of many Americans, but Captured By Love brings us back to those days of combat and turmoil, with a series of incredible true tales of the warriors and wives who endured the unendurable. It’s a stunning testament to the unequaled power of soul mate support. All of them, both warriors and their mates, deserve our undying gratitude. Ellis and Godek have done an outstanding service.
– Steven Hartov is the Coauthor of In the Company of Heroes and The Night Stalkers, two bestselling books about American combat aviators. His most recent novel, The Last of the Seven, is the second part in an historical fiction series about World War II.

“In this compassionate and thoughtful book, Lee Ellis tells the other part of the story: the strength of the families back home. A touching tribute to the wives that kept their husbands going through their darkest times, and a reminder that the most important bond of all is love.”
– Shannon Huffman Polson, Former U.S. Army Captain (RET) is the Author of The Grit Factor; Courage, Resilience and Leadership in the Most Male Dominated Organization in the World and North of Hope: A Daughter’s Arctic Journey

“Captured by Love presents the cleverest scheme for a book that ‘marries’ romance and war that I can envision. Lee Ellis and Greg Godek, authorities on war and love, have combined to produce a unified fusion that quickly captures and retains your attention. This is an inspiring and heartening book that enthusiastically to those who are early, mid, or later in their love relationships.”
– Dr. Archie B. Carroll, Professor Emeritus at University of Georgia, and Founding Author of Business & Society: Ethics, Sustainability and Stakeholder Management, 11th edition, 2023.

“What a compelling book—chockfull of romantic love stories. But these aren’t your average love narratives. These are real-life relationships born out of a torturous crucible of captivity. Each chapter lays bare an abiding commitment that is sure to inspire and fortify your own relationship.”
– Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, #1 New York Times Bestselling Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

“Captured by Love highlights the previously untold stories of romance that allow us to connect with these heroes beyond their experience as POWs. The book is artfully crafted, weaving together personal stories with historical highlights to provide perspective on the challenges these men and women faced. It presents a unique journey that left me laughing on one page and crying on the next.”
– Maj Michelle “Mace” Curran USAF (RET), Female Pilot on the Air Force Thunderbirds, and Author of Upside Down Dreams

“I served in Vietnam and saw firsthand the emotional and relational damage that war inflicted on so many servicemen and women and their families. This extraordinary collection of true stories portrays marriages that have survived and thrived despite the hellish experience of the husband’s captivity in North Vietnamese prison camps. Each of these narratives compellingly counters the godless ideologies and evil forces that are destroying marriages and disintegrating God’s intended order for families.”
– COL Scott McCrystal, Chaplain, US Army (RET), and Executive Liaison at The Warrior’s Journey

“Seldom have I read a book that moved me so deeply on every level. If ever there was a perfect time for a book like this to be published, it is now. True love conquers all, and in these pages readers will be reminded that neither time nor distance nor division nor doubt can ever remove us from the love of Christ, or from one another. I laughed. I cried. I bowed my head in gratitude and awe. Every one of these romance stories could be its own movie.”
– Laurie Beth Jones, Author of Jesus CEO and The Path

“True life grit and grace in action! These incredible love stories are lived out, by the most exceptional of people, in the real world, through the most desperate and heart wrenching of circumstances. Col. Ellis masterfully weaves their amazing and personal stories with principles I can apply to my marriage today. A great message to so many of us today that run from hardship.”
– Col Todd “Riddler” Riddle, US Air Force, and Author of Faith, Family and Fighter Jets – How to Live Life to the Full with Grit and Grace

A Video Endorsement from Todd: 

“When I read Captured By Love, I could only imagine what these imprisoned patriots went through for years with no connection, no news, no end in sight. I find no words to adequately reflect my immense admiration for their courage and endurance. Additionally, the ‘true romance’ in the title spotlights the women back home who waited, prayed, hoped, worked, advocated, and mothered—in heroic fashion. Every lover of freedom will benefit from this marvelous book.”
– Bill Lampton, Ph.D., “Biz Communication Guy”

“Lee is someone I’ve known and admired for many years and have benefitted from his leadership lessons with my teams. He is a master storyteller, and this book continues to showcase his gift. It is enlightening to hear these love stories with the background of history and inspirational to hear how resilient and strong the relationships were and are.”
– Marie D. Mouchet, Independent Board Director & Executive Advisor, and Former Fortune 200 executive & 2X Award-Winning CIO

“When the POWs were released, they were happy to be released but were concerned that they might face a bleak future at home. Their concerns were shared by their loved ones at home. Were loving marital and family relationships possible? Readers’ hearts will be warmed by the narratives found here. They will find that love, determination, and persistence can work miracles.”
– Roger Shields, Chairman of the Defense Department Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Task Group; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, PW/MIA Affairs 1971-1976

“Lee and Greg are both friends, so know that I’m biased—but this book is fantastic. My wife and I are 19 years into our story, but there’s so much wisdom to make the next phase even better. Thanks fellas, for a great set of stories with helpful principles.”
– Clint Greenleaf, CEO of Content Capital

“This book is a healthy reminder of the sacrifices made and the privileges gained during wartime. Despite the long and painful separation from their spouses, these POWs who were captured by love have excelled in life. Truly, love conquerors all! May God grant that we too would be captured by love!”
– Dr. Lewis Gregory, President of Source Ministries International

“I’m from Lee’s hometown of Commerce GA, and I wore a POW Bracelet with “Capt. Leon Ellis, Jr. 11/7/67” on it for several years. Later in 1973 as a Delta Airlines flight attendant, I had the opportunity to meet returning POWs on Delta flights. They were anxious to talk and share stories of coming home to girlfriends, wives and families. Their enthusiasm and passion was so evident, and that is why I so enjoyed reading this book. They made me laugh and cry and fondly remember their homecoming and America’s warm welcome to these heroes!”
– Duff O’Dell, Retired Director of Flight Attendants, Delta Air Lines Councilwoman Place 6, City of Grapevine, Texas

An Video Endorsement from Duff:

“Captured by Love is sure to capture the heart of anyone who dares to discover a brand of love that is stronger than politics, tragedy, and war. Tormented men and agonized women proved that faith, hope, and love are forces no enemy can sabotage.”
– Major General Steve Schaick, USAF (Ret), 19th United States Air Force Chief of Chaplains and 1st United States Space Force Chief of Chaplains

A Video Endorsement from Steve:

“Captured by Love is a beautiful book highlighting the incredible sacrifices people make when they fall in love. Love is not bound by distance or time and is universal. The stories in this book serve to inspire everyone to find true, lasting love. It is possible, and no one makes a better case than Lee Ellis and Greg Godek.”
– Ralph de la Vega, Chairman of the De La Vega Group, former Vice-Chairman of AT&T, Inc., and author of Obstacles Welcome

“Never will you ever read a book, where the saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’ is truer and more meaningful than this book of very moving love stories. The life lessons from each side are incredible. For the men, it’s maintaining a positive mental attitude. For the women, it’s the power of women coming together to right a wrong or to draw attention to issues to which the country or society isn’t paying enough attention. They are ones who often make the difference.”
– Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver at the NetWeaving International & The Enrichment Co.

“While we have been fortunate during our careers to have heard many of the stories from our heroic POWs, until this book, we have not heard the brave stories of their spouses and significant others. As two fighter pilots married for the duration of our careers, we appreciated the perspective from both sides. Lee and Greg do an incredible job capturing the stresses of combat on both sides of relationships. A must read for military families!”
– Col Kim Campbell USAF (Ret), Author of Flying in the Face of Fear: A Fighter Pilot’s Lessons on Leading with Courage and Col Scott Campbell USAF (Ret), Former 355th Fighter Wing Commander, Both Former A-10 Warthog Pilots with Multiple Combat Deployments

“Lee has provided another inspirational story of faith, love, perseverance, character and commitment in a very difficult time. Hearing the stories from the perspective of the Loved Ones at home, how they dealt with the unknown and used their strengths to be heard was very moving.”
– Bill and Jennifer Reichert, President at Champlain Cable Corporation

“Unlike other military books, this one is different. Lee takes a detailed look at 20 NAMPOW families, during and after the war, and what it takes to keep a marital relationship strong through the best and worst of times. I’m a better person for having read Captured by Love and highly recommend this book.”
– Col Greg W. Lewis, US Air Force (Ret), Life Member of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association, aka The River Rats

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