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Video Interview (Black Rifle Coffee Company)

Vietnam Pilot Shot Down and Captured, Surviving the Hanoi Hilton

“I was a POW in Vietnam 5 years, 4 months, and 2 weeks — 1,955 days. I get a lot of questions, ‘How did you guys do it?’ You have to be committed to your mission and your purpose.” — United States Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis. On Nov. 7, 1967, Ellis and his aircraft commander, Capt. Ken Fisher, received serious damage to their F-4C Phantom and both men had to eject and were captured on the ground by the Viet Cong. After two weeks of travel, they landed at the Hoa Loa Prison in Hanoi, Vietnam, infamously known as the Hanoi Hilton. Ellis was among the youngest of the Vietnam War POWs. This is his story.

News Article (Goalcast)

Surviving Vietnam POWs Are Honored With a Banquet 50 Years After Being Set Free – And the Details Are Incredible

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Radio Interview (Dr Dobson’s Family Talk)

Lee’s interview on Dr James Dobson’s “Family Talk” expounds on the positive impact that successful POW marriages stories can have on other couples and families. Be sure and check out this conversation between Lee and broadcaster Tim Clinton –

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Podcast Interview (Fieldcraft Survival with Mike Glover)

Episode 375: Lee’s Unbreakable Spirit | Prisoners of War

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News Article (Dawson County News)

Local former Vietnam War POW shares his story to inspire others

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News Video (CBS Mornings)

Vietnam veterans reunite with fellow POWs 50 years after coming home

50th Anniversary Video (Nixon Presidential Library)

50th Anniversary Video – Nixon Presidential Library


News Interview (EAA AirVenture Today)

Return with Honor: Vietnam veteran Col. Ellis Speaks on POW, leadership lessons 

Read the article (see pages 36 and 38)

News Interview (Scripps News)

Barbie Joins Other Films Who Have Upset Vietnam Over Using China Map. Watch Lee’s commentary based on his past experience. 


2023 International Book Awards – FINALIST!

The results of the 2023 International Book Awards have been announced, and Captured by Love has been honored in the following categories:

Best Cover Design: Nonfiction – FINALIST

Best Interior Design – FINALIST

History: Military – FINALIST

Read the full results. 

New Books Corner (Smoke Signals Newspaper)

New Books Corner – “Romance Stories from 20 Top Gun POWs” 

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Podcast Interview (Dr Carol’s Couch)


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Podcast Interview (The Higher Gear CXO)

Leadership lessons from “Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWS”

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Live TV Special (National Memorial Day Concert 2023)

I was honored to be a part of this National Memorial Day Concert in Washington D.C. It is an American tradition honoring the military service of our troops, veterans, wounded warriors, all those who have given their lives for our nation, and their families.

Led by co-hosts Joe Mantegna and Gary Sinise, they begin the Vietnam War portion of the program by sharing the story of Smitty and Louis Harris, one of my fellow POWs and his wife (their story is also featured in ‘Captured by Love’).

News Article (USA Today)

50 years since US combat troops pulled out of South Vietnam: Look back in photos

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News Interview (NBC News)

Former Vietnam POWs reunite 50 years after their return to the U.S.

TV Interview (ABC World News Tonight)

Honoring brave U.S. servicemen for Memorial Day with David Muir

News Interview (CBS Pittsburgh)

In this edition of the Sunday Business Page, Jon Delano speaks with retired Air Force Colonel Lee Ellis.

Interview Link


Amazon Bestseller Status!

Captured by Love has received Bestseller Status in the Military Families and Survival Biographies & Memoirs categories

View at

News Article (New York Post)

Vietnam POWs to be honored 50 years after Nixon celebrated them with historic banquet

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Radio Interview (American in the Morning with John Trout)

News Interview (LiveNOW from Fox)

TV Interview (The Daily Flash)

Co-author Greg Godek discusses “Marriage Survival Skills” with the Daily Flash 


Book Review (Legiontown | American Legion)

Captured by Love: Inspiring True Romance Stories from Vietnam POWs

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FAQ Online Interview (Air Force Association)

The Air Force Association just released a new online interview with Lee about the upcoming new book ‘Captured by Love’ AND they have exclusive access to sell the book now before the May 30th release! Check out the interview and purchase your copy to support the AFA –

Read the Interview 

Podcast Interview (Ready for Takeoff)

Captured by Love Interview with Lee Ellis and George Nolly

Listen to this interview

News Interview (CBS Sunday Morning)

Surviving torture in the Hanoi Hilton

This new 2023 segment on CBS Sunday Morning highlights two of the POWs featured in Captured by Love, Bob Shumaker and Richard “The Beak” Stratton.

News Article (Newsweek)

Lee Ellis comments on the Russian Military Jet that Blows Up Mid-Flight, Crashes Into Lake

Article Link

Captured by Love Introduction


How to Lead by Enhancing the Strengths of Others – Lee and Mary Ellis

In this coaching clip, Lee shares over 30 years of experience in understanding and applying personality differences in others. We all know that we’re different, but how can you be an effective leader in enhancing others’ strengths while minimizing their struggles? Watch and hear Lee’s advice.

Video Podcast (Biz Communication Guy)

Colonel Lee Ellis Replays 20 Inspiring True Romance Stories From Vietnam POWs

Colonel Lee Ellis talks about his POW experience during the Vietnam War–including leadership lessons learned, advocacy and support from the ladies left behind and love being the most important part of life.

On-Air Recommendation on The Georgia Gang

Wow! What a generous recommendation on TV news program “The Georgia Gang” by radio commentator Martha Zoller about the upcoming new book ‘Captured by Love’. Preorder your copy here.


3 Perspectives to Build Lasting Trust – Jim and Faye Schierman

In this coaching clip, Lee reflects one another story in the upcoming book, Captured by Love. Wes and Faye Schierman faced a life-changing circumstance early in their marriage, but some steps they took built a solid relationship of lasting trust. Watch Lee’s commentary on this special relationship.

San Antonio Media and News (USAA)

Local San Antonio Media related to the Vietnam 50th Anniversary, Lee Ellis, USAA, and the Captured by Love book: 

Keynote Address at USAA and 50th Anniversary Thoughts

In my visit and keynote address at USAA @usaa this week, they did a spectacular job remembering and celebrating this year’s 50th Anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War and the return of the POWs.
Here are my brief reflections on this special time together and what this anniversary means to me –

Visit to USAA and 50th Anniversary Thoughts from Leading with Honor on Vimeo.

News Article (Newsweek)

Why a Helicopter Crash is Deadlier than a Plane Crash

Article Link

Radio Interview (WSB Radio Atlanta)

Great to talk briefly with Jonathan Obrien at 95.5 WSB Atlanta about this year’s 50th Anniversary of returning home as a Vietnam POW for more than 5 years. Thank you for raising awareness on this special golden celebration.

Book Review – Kirkus Reviews

“Former prisoner of war Ellis and love expert Godek examine the marriages of 20 POWs from the Vietnam War in this nonfiction work.

“‘Once upon a time…there were 20 airborne warriors who were captured twice—once by force, once by love,’ write the authors. Ellis is one of these warriors, a retired United States Air Force colonel and former Vietnam War POW from 1967 to 1973. The book includes interviews with 20 married couples in which the husbands were prisoners of war, with additional commentary from their children and/or the authors. Each story concludes with a “Love Lessons” list of qualities (such as trust, humor, and optimism) that the couple demonstrate, with a sentence or two about how these traits have
helped to forge successful, long-lasting relationships. Their stories touch on how the wives mobilized for the POWs, pushing back against “keep quiet” policies, as well as the POWs’ own experiences and coping methods. The book also includes informative “Historical Highlights” entries about such POW touchstones as the “Hanoi Hilton” and POW/MIA bracelets.

“This compilation offers engrossing testimony about the “mind-boggling” (as actor Gary Sinise describes in the book’s foreword) levels of pain and sacrifice endured by these POWs. Yet the book is ultimately uplifting, with Ellis noting (and the stories illustrating) that “through that unique experience we learned profound lessons in resilience, camaraderie, and faith.” The book also celebrates the wives’ empowerment, as when referencing a remark from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger about one determined spouse who “caused me so much trouble.” While the “Love Lessons” lists can read
as simplistic and reductive, these stories provide readers with excellent role models embodying endurance and commitment.

“Impressive examples of resilience and an important record of sacrifice, survival, and the redemptive power of love.” – Kirkus Reviews

News Article (Madison Journal Today)

The Return: Madison County POW welcomed home 50 years ago this week

Lee is featured by his hometown newspaper in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of my POW release. Thanks journalist Zach Mitcham for your willingness to share and celebrate my story.

Article Link

News Article (Newsweek)

U.S. MQ-9 ‘Reaper’ Drones Compared to Russia’s ‘Orion’ UAV

Article Link

Smitty and Louise Harris – A Values Leadership Lesson

In this coaching clip, Lee reflects one of the brand-new stories in the upcoming book, Captured by Love. Smitty and Louise Harris overcame extreme obstacles early in their lives as a couple, and it will inspire you to see your personal and professional challenges in a different light.


1973 Vietnam War POW’s Return – 50th Anniversary (C-Span)

To mark the 50th anniversary of the return of American POW’s from Vietnam in 1973, author Alvin Townley talked about their harrowing experience and the work of the National League of POW-MIA Families to bring them home. The U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, hosted this event.

Watch the clip

How Companionship Can Excel Your Leadership

In this coaching clip, Lee reflects on the importance of healthy companionship and ways to make it a more effective tool in your leadership toolbox. Those honorable leaders who have employed this idea will agree that their professional work has been enriched and increased in value.

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