The Report

The N8Traits® Relationship Report

Three of the most important aspects of understanding and accepting one another is that each person:


  • Has natural traits (their natural talents).
  • Has strengths and struggles that go with their talents. Yes, we all have an equal number of struggles that go along with our talents.
  • Likes to be related to, and communicated with, in their unique way—which is often very different from the other.

The N8Traits® Relationship Report provides a scientific explanation of each person’s unique talents (strengths and associated struggles) and supporting graphics that make it easy to see areas where the two may be similar or different.

Coaching points are also included to help you apply what you’ve learned.

Behavioral Assessment Insights

The first goal of the Relationship Report is to help you gain objective insights into who you are and understand your natural DNA Behavior. It will dissect the following eight Factors with sixteen Traits of behavior shown here that will help you understand and develop more of the positive aspects of what makes you tick.

As you honestly assess both your natural strengths and struggles together as a couple, you’ll be able to see each others’ strengths and especially their struggles from a more objective and compassionate perspective. There is no hierarchy of talents. They are all valuable and worth celebrating. We each possess many talents—our own unique array—but they’re occasionally hidden from view and must be coaxed out.

Experience in Assessing People

Since 1990, we’ve been involved with developing and deploying behavioral assessments—first as part of a career assessment package, and then for leadership development, coaching, training, and hiring. Millions of people have used these assessments, and Lee Ellis has written two books on the subject (related to discovering and understanding natural talents). His wife Mary has used this type of assessment in marriage counseling for many years, and it has proven a powerful tool.

If you’ve struggled with differences in your romantic relationship or would just like to gain a clearer picture of your strengths and struggles, then we’d like to offer some help and insight for you.

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